Monocalcium phosphate production process


Monocalcium phosphate (MCP) can be produced starting from phosphoric or form DCP.

The first process consists on a pre-purification to produce feed grade phosphoric acid.  After filtration this phosphoric acid can be neutralized using lime or limestone to achieve the right MCP composition.  In the same operation, the MCP is granulated.  After granulation, the MCP is dried and sieved.  The fine and oversized particles are recycled along with the dust generated during the process.

The second option is to start with DCP and convert it into MCP by the addition of phosphoric acid.  This can also be done in a granulation unit.  The reaction is also followed by the same drying, sieving and recycling steps.


  • Flexible raw-materials
  • High product quality
  • Flexible capacity


  • To produce feed grade quality Monocalcium phosphate

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