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In the light of today’s challenges such as population growth and depletion of resources, the phosphate industry is stepping up its contribution to deliver innovative technologies for the future.

Prayon Technologies :
a leader in the licensing of phosphoric acid and phosphate products processes

Prayon Technologies are THE ultimate experts in phosphoric acid technology.

If you are planning to build or extend your phosphate plant, Prayon Technologies is the best partner to support you in the design, development and construction of your asset.

Choosing Prayon Technologies, the Licensing division of Prayon, is choosing for internationally renowned technologies in phosphate production. A third of the worldwide production of phosphoric acid is fitted with Prayon technology.

With more than 75 years’ experience, our dedicated team of experts is at your service from the very beginning to the end, to provide you with bespoke solutions to ensure a seamless, efficient, and on-time project delivery.

Our processes


Phosphoric Acid Technologies: Prayon Processes

Prayon offers the widest range of technologies to produce phosphoric acid.

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HCl-based Technology : Ecophos Process

The Ecophos process aims to produce high-quality phosphate using any kind of phosphate rocks including low-grade.

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Puma Process

Purification Membrane technology: PUMA

This membrane-based technology enables the production of purified phosphoric acid of technical and food grade

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Turning your materials into high values products

With our Ecophos HCI-based solution, the GetMoreP H2SO4-based technology process and Prayon’s five phosphoric acid production processes, we have a solution to turn your materials into high value by-products.

How do we valorise your materials?

Our diversity in processes gives solutions for a wide range of products

Thanks to our variety of processes, we can place at your disposal a wide range of technologies to produce different types of phosphoric acid, feed phosphates and fertilizer phosphates to suit your specific applications.

Technophos : testing your solutions & training your talents

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Added value to your products thanks to our services

PRT provides a wide range of services related to phosphoric acid and DCP production, enhancing both skills of operators and global process control.

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