Fluorine recovery Process

To protect the environment, Prayon has designed a Fluorine Recovery Process that ensures a very high absorption efficiency. It captures that gaseous fluorine coming from the concentration of phosphoric acid and from the cooling systems of a plant.

Shema Fluorine Recovery Process


  • Small plot area (small footprint)
  • Low pressure drop
  • High fluorine absorption yield
  • High quality FSA (low P2O5, low chlorine)
  • Low maintenance cost (unlikely to suffer scaling)
  • Decrease of the corrosion/abrasion level in the rest of the plant


  • Where a cooling water loop contains too much fluorine (typically more than 1%)
  • Where a concentration plant is congested
  • Where environmental rules are constraining
  • Where a potential market for FSA has been identified (HF or AlF3 production)

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Hadrien Leruth

Hadrien Leruth
Business Development Engineer