Testing & Validating

Cutting-edge lab and pilot tests

Every raw material and every project is different. To select the best process to fit your raw material, we perform feasibility tests and validations in our laboratories and pilot facilities prior to starting a project.

With this “real life” testing approach, you know with certainty which raw materials and production processes are necessary to design your plants perfectly.

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Prayon has extensive R&D and testing facilities in

  • Prayon – Engis (Belgium)
  • Prayon – Puurs (Belgium)
  • Technophos – Varna (Bulgaria)

Technophos: testing your solutions & training your talents

Technophos, our semi-industrial demonstration plant, enables you to test new phosphate technologies for your products, giving you the certainty they meet your requirements.
Being a fully equipped industrial plant, it is also the perfect place to train your operators and engineers on the latest technologies in phosphate production.
Technophos supports R&D activities and is the testground to validate and demonstrate the Group’s innovative technologies to guarantee full performance.

Labo Testing

Semi-industrial validation

Thanks to our Technophos semi-industrial plant in Bulgaria, you can have full confidence in the process parameters and yields for your raw materials.

We validate processes using your own raw materials, at a capacity up to 300kg/h of rock in this demonstration facility, equipped with state-of-the art industrial equipment, but at a smaller capacity and with real industrial instruments and process control (DCS).

Moreover, analyses are performed in the Technophos laboratory during production, giving you in record time all the process data needed to validate the process.

The facility is very versatile, as it can use low-grade phosphate rock as well as the membrane-based purification process and ion exchange.

Validation of external technologies

Technophos and the Prayon R&D Center can test and validate at lab, pilot and semi-industrial scale other technologies. For more information and personalized advise, please contact us.