Purification Membrane Technology: PUMA

This membrane-based technology enables the production of purified phosphoric acid of technical and food grade from any source of phosphoric acid in small spaces and with a limited investment. This process is particularly sustainable as it is solvent free and enables the recycling of all streams.

Prt Graphique Puma

Puma Process

3  key steps for food-grade quality:

  1. Pre-purification:
    Reaching a standardized phosphoric acid quality suitable for the purification steps
  2. Purification:
    Removing impurities from the phosphoric acid with the combined technologies of membrane filtration and ion exchange resins.
  3. Concentration:
    Reaching the required P2O5 content.

Main advantages:

  • As the footprint of the plant is very small, it can be delivered pre-assembled, including structure, piping and cabling, and containerized, reducing construction and set up time and installation cost.
  • No use of a solvent
  • Low chemicals consumption
  • Small to medium capacity plant
  • Small footprint – container
  • Highly flexible with regard to raw-materials and products
  • Very high yield in the range up to 85%
  • High selectivity
  • Limited CAPEX/OPEX

In our Technophos facility, the process can be validated at a small industrial scale with our customer’s material in complete confidence.

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