H2SO4-based Technology: GetMoreP Process

Prayon Technologies offers a unique process embedded in the context of the circular economy and sustainability. It enables the recovery of P2O5 from low-grade phosphate rocks to produce DCP and other phosphates by the addition of diluted sulfuric acid.

The first module is Module 2A where the phosphate rock is selectively digested in diluted sulfuric acid (H2SO4). On one side, it leads to the formation of gypsum containing most of the rock impurities (sand, iron, aluminum, heavy metals…).

On the other side, the phosphate solution is recovered by vacuum filtration. In the following Module 2B, the phosphate solution is neutralised with calcium carbonate or limestone to crystallise the phosphate as dicalcium phosphate (DCP).

Get More P Process


  • Use of low grade to high grade phosphate rock
  • Flexible products based on DCP intermediate (animal feed, fertilizer)
  • High quality of the DCP product (P2O5 content, low impurities level)
  • Flexible capacity
  • Use of the H2SO4 waste stream


  • Where low grade rock is available
  • Where H2SO4 is available (especially low-cost)
  • To replace an existing rock beneficiation plant (low efficiency, high operation costs)
  • Where the gypsum quality of an existing phosphoric acid plant must be improved (heavy metals and radioactive elements removal)
  • To boost the capacity of an existing phosphoric acid plant with a pure DCP product
  • To relieve an existing phosphoric acid plant if rock quality has decreased

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