Gas Scrubbing Process

Gases from phosphoric acid production must be scrubbed to prevent the release of fluorine, dust and other chemicals in the atmosphere.

Gas Scrubbing

Circular economy & responsible water management

As part of a fully integrated phosphoric acid production plant, the Prayon gas scrubbing process uses several cross-flow water sprayers to remove these chemicals from the gas. The water bleed from the gas scrubber can therefore be entirely used in the plant, usually ending up as cake washing water at the filtration section. As a result, the Prayon gas scrubbing system ensures a sustainable use of water as the full quantity of water is recycled in the process.


  • Small plot area (small footprint)
  • Low pressure drop
  • High fluorine and dust absorption yield
  • Low maintenance cost (unlikely to suffer scaling)
  • Limited amount of fresh water requirement


  • Where environmental rules are constraining
  • Where the maximum specification for fluorine to the atmosphere is 5 mg/Nm³ (as HF)
  • Where the maximum specification for dust to the atmosphere is 50 mg/Nm³
  • Where water supply is a challenge

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