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PRAYON Phosphoric Acid Technologies

Prayon offers the widest range of technologies to produce phosphoric acid. Each of our five processes to produce phosphoric acid has its own characteristics, depending on the number of filtration and crystallisation stages.

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Gas scrubbing

Ecophos Technologies : a circular approach to sustainability

Phosphate, especially high-grade rock, is getting rarer. At Prayon, we are going the extra mile to valorize these precious resources while at the same time protecting the environment.
As part of our commitment to sustainability, our unique Ecophos patented technology enables the extaction of more phosphate from low-grade rocks while reducing waste by up to 90%.
Moreover, this cutting-edge technology helps our customers to better manage and reuse the gypsum generated and enables the recycling of non-conventional sources of P2O5 such as incineration ashes and waste from phosphate beneficiation.

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HCI-based Technology

Fly Ash

MCP Technologies


Environmentally-friendly & high added value solutions for

  • low to high grade natural phosphate sources for fertilizer, animal feed and all grades of phosphoric acid and phosphate salts.
  • non-conventional phosphate sources (sewage sludge incineration ashes, animal ashes, beneficiation waste, phosphoric acid waste…).
  • hydrochloric acid from Chlor-Alkali plants, Sulfate of Potash furnaces, polymer industries.

The PUMA process : a simple way to produce purified phosphoric acid

The demand for purified phosphoric acid, such as technical or food grade acid, increases every year. Prayon has developed a unique technology to purify green or fertilizer grade phosphoric acid and produce purified phosphoric acid.
The process, based on membrane purification (nanofiltration), enables the achievement of the highest standards in product quality, keeping the process simple and safe.

  • No solvent
  • Low consumption of chemicals
  • High yield

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  • State-of-the art facility
  • Modular & ultra-modern equipment
  • Located in Varna, Bulgaria (20 min. from an international airport)
  • Over 30 highly skilled engineers, PhDs, trained operators, and project delivery professionals
  • Comprehensive training programme

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